• Name Puzzle With Pegs Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle Wooden Toys Custom Name Puzzle by BusyPuzzle Christmas Present Personalized Birthday Baby 1 Year Old Gifts Boy and Girl
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    • PERSONALIZED TOY. Name Puzzles are also popular for those who would like to give their child a good start in remembering their name. Engraved messages are a great opportunity to make this toy more personal. Just write a few words, wishes and your message stays for many years.
    • EDUCATIONAL TOY. The Name Puzzle is a simple and nice toy that helps your child to develop motor skills, color & shape recognition. Our puzzle was inspired by the Montessori technique.
    • UNIQUE GIFT FOR BABY. Personalized Wooden Name Puzzles are a good gift idea for 1st, 2nd, 3r Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Baby Shower and any other day of the year.
    • HIGH QUALITY. Name Puzzles are made with birch plywood and water-based ink.
    • NURSERY DECOR. Name Puzzles are a beautiful element of nursery decor. Just add the puzzle stand to your order and you can admire the puzzle on the shelf.

    Personalized Name Puzzles are toys that love each child and their parents. Learning while playing is the best way to start teaching your kid. What can be better than spending fun time together, learning the baby's name, and of course developing motor skills.

    You have 4 different color schemes. Choose whatever you like.
    You have different shapes to choose from. Add them At the beginning of the name or at the end. The color of the shape will depend on the color scheme that you choose, so totally the puzzle looks more harmonic.

    You can add to your puzzle front engravement from the list we offer to you. You can also add back engraving which you want. Or choose both.
    You can add pegs. It helps children under 2 years to enjoy playing.
    Choose gift wrap to make your puzzle be a real gift.
    Additionally, we offer you a puzzle stand, so your toy will be a beautiful element of nursery decor.

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